Ignite Your Intuition 30 Day Program With International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit

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'Ignite Your Intuition'
30 Day Program

We are all born intuitive and I believe that with a little daily practice you can awaken, develop and heighten YOUR natural gift of intuition.  In my Ignite Your Intuition 30 Day Program I will walk you through how to awaken and heighten this sacred gift every single day for 30 days. Now, you get to decide how and when you want to use this program as it is yours for a lifetime.  Would you like to develop your natural gifts at ease and in the comfort of your home? Take a peak at the video and see how this program can benefit you.

'Ignite Your Intuition' 30 Day Program $111 includes hst
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You Set The Start Of Your Program

'Ignite Your Intuition' 30 day program is yours FOREVER !! You get to decide when you start, when you stop, when you take a break and when you feel called to repeat the entire program or specific days. There is NO pressure with this program. 30 days simply allows you the time to train yourself and your intuition to be exceptional.


Want To Join Our Group?

If you would like to connect to a group of like-minded people also seeking to develop and enhance their intuition, please join my Private Facebook Group 'Ignite Your Intuition'. This is a group where I will be discussing intuition, offering oracle card readings, messages from spirit, meditations, etc. This private group is very sacred and is a safe place for each of us to share our connection and love of intuition with one another.

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