'Discover Your Destiny' 
Online Program

Hosted By International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit

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Allow your higher self to guide you as you awaken your deepest possibility and greatest potential


Purpose, Passion And Destiny

Beautiful Soul, if you have been living on your life path feeling overwhelmed and asking yourself more questions than receving answers about your purpose, mission and life path, then look no further. 

My signature self led online Discover Your Destiny program is set with the intention to connect you deeply to THE ANSWERS you have been trying to uncover.

Your life path IS filled with wisdom and guidance and YES, you do have a passion, purpose and destiny to fulfill.  I would love the opportunity to guide you and help light the path before you with greater clarity, trust and confidence.

Spirit IS asking for you to step fully into your calling and there is no better time than the present to step forward. You are not alone! Spirit and your higher self always guides you, you simply have to be open and ready to receive all of the powerful wisdom that is coming forward to you.

Allow this I N S P I R I N G online Discover Your Destiny program to guide you every step of the way to excavting your most authentic self!

  • 4 Powerful Guided Meditations
  • Electronic PDF Workbook Guiding You Step By Step To Uncover Your Passions
  • The Self Led program is FILLED With Wisdom Leading You To Your Destiny And Purpose All While Releasing Your Limitations

Discover Your Destiny Electronic PDF Workbook

This I N S P I R I N G program is complete with an electronic PDF workbook that will guide you step by step on how to lean in, uncover and connect to your passions, purpose, desire and destiny.  There is SO much wisdom contained within this program waiting for you to explore!

Your Purpose Does Not Have To Be A Career. It Can Be How You Connect To Others. How You Share Your Heart.  How You Hold Space. How You Show Up In The World. Do Not Feel Pressure With Your Purpose. You Are To Simply Surrender To What You Feel You Were Sent Here On Earth To Do And To Be.


Guided Meditations

There are FOUR powerful Guided Meditations in this I N S P I R I N G Discover Your Destiny online signature program.  

Spirit will guide you from awakening your passions and desires all the way to manifesting your purpose and living on your life path with greater trust, clarity and courage.

*Alignment And Activation Guided Meditation

*Visibility And Expansion Guided Meditation

*The Sacred Temple Guided Meditation

*The Sacred Pathway Guided Meditation

Planting The Seeds Of Your Dreams


Planting The Seeds Of Your Dreams

Throughout this I N S P I R I N G online signature program you will be reminded of the importance of planting the seeds of your dreams.

This program is FILLED with wisdom, guidance and empowering tools that will assist you in unblocking your greatest potential and guiding you towards your dreams, purpose and destiny.

You will soak in all of this wisdom right into the depths of your essence and this wisdom will be your greatest guide that you can lean into time and time again.

Discover Your Destiny Signature Online Program $111.00

I am open, ready and excited to discover my purpose and life my life to the fullest!

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