Goddess Medicine -  Online Program
'Awaken the Divine Feminine'

With International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit

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Awaken The Divine Feminine

Beautiful Goddess I celebrate you!  Are you looking at creating a deeper connection to yourself?  Have you been seeking a great sense of worthiness and courage in your life but haven't yet grounded yourself with the right energy to make the shifts happen that you are seeking? Join International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit in an 'online' journey of celebrating your Inner Goddess and awakening your divine feminine energy. Watch this introduction video to see how vital the Inner Goddess is to feeling self-love, connection and worthiness in your life.

Discover The Inner Goddess Energy

Dive deeply into the energies of The Awakened Goddess, The Healing Goddess, The Warrior Goddess, The Goddess Rebel, The Creative Mother Goddess and The Enchantress in this magical program set with the intention to awaken the most tender and compassionate parts of who you are.


This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine!


The Program Includes: 6 Podcast Episodes

Beautiful Goddess journey with me in depth as we explore each of the Goddess Archetypes in detail through my unique Goddess Podcast episodes.  Each episode is focused on a different Goddess theme 'The Awakened Goddess, The Healing Goddess, The Warrior Goddess, The Goddess Rebel, The Creative Mother Goddess and The Enchantress.  The episodes will take you into the depths of each theme for you to clearly connect and understand the importance of each Goddess energy and the power it holds in your life. (This podcast is only availabe in this program, just for you!)


The Program Includes:
6 Guided Meditations

Beautiful Goddess it is SO important to use the practice of Guided Meditation to awaken each aspect of your divine feminine energy.  I honor you so very much and I personally know how hard it is to find time for meditation.  Please know each meditation will only take 10 minutes out of your day! Each meditation will remind you of how worthy and deserving you are of abundance, love, health and wellness in your life. I gift to you a beautiful 'Love Yourself Whole' Goddess meditation from  my heart to yours.


This Program Includes:
Sacred Goddess Mantras

Beautiful Goddess it is SO important for you to remind yourself daily how wonderful you are! We as woman are so hard on ourselves and at times we feel guilt or shame for loving ourselves whole but .. it is crucial to your divine wellness to gently remind yourself daily how wonderful you are!  This program includes Sacred Goddess Mantras written and channeled directly from spirit for each of the Goddess Themes.  The mantras will etch into your heart and soul and shift your awareness deeply and powerfully.


This Program Includes:
A Goddess Activation Video

Join me for a POWERFUL activation video that ignites the Inner Goddess like never before.  We will celebrate the Inner Goddess and we will rise together unlocking our hearts and our sacred energies.  


This Program Includes: 
6 Goddess Themed Video Tutorials

Beautiful Goddess I am here at your side honoring you every step of the way. I understand personally how hard the journey is as a woman to love herself deeply and to look at her refelction and not be hard on herself. I have lived this path of awakening myself and have personal experience with the path of the Inner Goddess and so I have created 6 unique video tutorials that will walk you through each theme step by step.  I will help you go from Awakening your Inner Goddess to living a life with the Enchantress guiding you towards greater visibility and expansion.


This Program Includes: A 50 Page Electronic PDF Workbook

Beautiful Goddess I understand that you are seeking direction and guidance on your path to self-love and worthiness.  The accompanying 50 page electronic PDF workbook will guide you through each Goddess theme and offers tools to take you deeper into excavating the Goddess energy within.

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