Gratitude Bundle With International
Medium & Intuitive
Kelly Benoit

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"May you always know just how special you are to me.  May you receive this gratitude bundle from my heart to yours
 with the deepest love, respect and appreciation"


A Special Message For You

Beautiful Soul, I wanted to take time to THANK YOU for being with me on this journey of self-exploration!  I see you and I am witness to the depths you are willing to go in order to feel greater connection to yourself, to spirit and to your loved ones.  You are working so very hard and I wanted to create something special just for you to show my deepest appreciation for all that you are.  May you continue to open your heart and blossom fully excavating your greatest potential and most authentic self.  You have been supporting me while on your journey and I always like to give back to you to show my appreciation to you.

This gratitude bundle is set with the intention to raise your vibration and attune you deeply to your sacred and divine spiritual team who work with you daily.

"You are worthy of receiving bountiful gifts back into your life so that you can truly know just how incredible appreciated you are"

Raising Your Vibration

Beautiful, lets start by raising your vibration today so that you can truly align and connect with the positive flow of energy in your life.  When your vibration is mindfully increased you are able to then move through your life with greater ease and balance each day.

When you watch this video I ask for you to open your mind and heart to the gift of reminding yourself each day ... "I am worth of mindfully opening my mind and heart to all that I am, letting go of the old and bringing in the new."


Angels And Ascended Masters

Please settle yourself comfortable and in a cozy bedding of covers, warmth and peace.  Lay your body down and close your eyes and with an open heart may you receive fully all the blessings the 12 Gifts From Spirit has to offer to you.  From my heart to yours beautiful Soul xoxoxo


Conecting To Your Loved Ones

Reconnect to those whom you have loved and lost to feel their divine presence in your life.  Trust your loved ones are always with you cheering you on in the background of your life so that you can move forward with greater faith, connection, joy and peace.  Your loved ones are your greatest guardian angels.


Animal Totems

Animal totems are SO powerful in our lives as we connect deeper to our authentic self.  We see animal spirit around us daily and all we have to do is pay close attention to their signs and omens as to what they are reminding us of in our lives.  May you lean deeper into the power of animal totems to increase your awareness and connection to yourself and to spirit.

The Angels Of Abundance Offer A Divine Message For You Today.  Take In A Deep Breath And Exhale Fully.  
Open Your Mind And Heart To The Goodness This Message Offers To You Today


Angel Of Abundance Oracle Card

"God gave you great spiritual power that everything you visualize eventually becomes reality.  Hold a steady vision of that which is beautiful, healthful, positive and filled with blessings .... and that is what you will experience."

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