'Manifesting With The Moon'
Online Program $111
Hosted By International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit

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The Moon Is A Loyal Companion

Manifesting With The Moon $111

Beautiful fellow Moon Seeker, I see you!  I know how deeply you feel your connection to the Moon and I wanted to offer you a M A G I C A L self led online program that will lead you through the 8 Moon phases month after month to deepen and accelerate your connection.

I have learned first hand how powerful the Moon is in my life. I have been witness to how my energy ebbs and flows throughout the month and I want to share with you how you too can connect to yourself more deeply simply by being aligned with the Moon phases.

During this program you will recognize when you are the most creative, when you are the most outgoing, when you are the most active with developing your dreams and desires, when the right time is to manifest what you are desiring, when the time is for you to nurture and self-nourish and when the right time is to let go and to release.

I will guide you step by step with every Moon phase as to what is going on with the Moon cycle and how you can live in greater alignment and unity.

Being conected to the Moon will allow you to thrive and not burnout! I personally guarantee you will feel a shift in your life month after month when you connect to the phases and how they are speaking to you in your life.

  • 8 Video Tutorials Guiding You Step By Step Through Each Moon Phase
  • 2020 Moon Phases Calendar With Link For 2021 And Beyond
  • Electronic PDF Workbook Guiding You Step By Step Through Each Moon Phase
  • 8 Moon Phases Guided Meditations 
  • 8 Moon Phases Sacred Prayers Of Intention 
  • Self-led ... NO Start Date ... Work At Your Own Pace 

With ...
International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit 

I am a Moon Seeker! I find myself looking up into the night time sky many nights throughout the month and looking in awe of the illumination and intensity of the Moon.

I have felt physical changes in my body the more I have connected to the Moon and her infinate wisdom.  My monthly cycles have shifted, my emotions are more stable, my energy is more balanced and I find myself each month reminding myself to live in alignment with the phase the Moon is in.

I have even shifted my business to reflect the phases of the Moon so that my intuition and readings are in alignment with the most intuitive times of the month based on the Moon.

If you feel the same connection to the Moon and are looking for a program you can do at home and on your own time, this is the program for you!

“We all shine on...like the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...come on and on and on...”
― john lennon

Electronic PDF Workbook

Manifesting With The Moon online program is complete with an electronic PDF workbook that guides you step by step for each Moon phase.


8 Moon Phases
2020 Calendar

This M A G I C A L online program is complete with a 2020 Moon phases calendar that will take you month by month and day by day with exactly what phase the Moon is in so that you are keeping track of your energy, your creations, your self-care, your time to be out shining and sharing your light and times when you are to go inwards and rest.

The 8 Moon phases for this program include: The New Moon, The Waxing Crescent Moon, First Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous Moon, Third Quarter Moon and Waning Crescent Moon.


8 Video Tutorials

Each Moon Phase there is a P O W E R F U L and M A G I C A L video tutorial where I will be sharing with you how the Moon Phase is working in your life and how to best lean into that particular phase.

You will be inspired by the Moon like never before during these video tutorials and I am so excited to share all the Moon wisdom that has come forward.


8 Moon Phases
 Guided Meditation

Each Moon phase there is a P O W E R F U L guided meditation that has been created to assist in your deepening your connection to the Moon and her wisdom.

Allow yourself the time and opportunity to lean into this magnetic energy every single phase and through the power of guided meditation, you will connect to the Moon like never before.


8 Moon Phases
Prayer Of Intention

Each Moon phase there is a S A C R E D prayer of intention for you to listen to and repeat as often as you need to, to remind you of all you are calling into your life during a specific phase.

Lean into the prayers of intention that have been channeled from the Moon or .... set your own prayers of intention!

Are you ready to harness all the Moon has to offer to you?  Are you ready to deepen your connection to the Moon and all she is desiring to guide you with?  Now is the time to connect to the (8) M A G I C A L Moon phases like never before!


Protected Moon Energy

 Spirit has called upon the sacred keepers of strength, light, power, grounding, deepening, activation and magic for this program.  This is a safe online program where you will invoke the magic of the Moon energy and raise your vibration to the next level!

Manifesting With The Moon Online Program $111.00

I would like to connect to the phases of the Moon like never before!

Manifesting With The Moon Online Program $111.00

What People Are Saying About The Full Moon Activation Circles I Have Done Online

"What a great full moon activation circle. Felt lighter immediately annnnd had the most restful sleep in ages. Thank you so very Much Kelly for a wonderful evening it was truly magical. I highly suggest it to anyone who is able to join the next one. Love & gratitude"


"I just finished participating in the Full Moon Activation Circle and it was magical!! If you are interested in energy, Spirit, intuition and learning how to receive the messages that will help guide you in every aspect of your life, Kelly's monthly Full Moon Activation Circles are a must! Thank you so much, Kelly, for this circle"


"The full moon was at its height last night. I participated in my first Full Moon Activation Circle. It was an online gathering and consisted of readings and interpretations of cards drawn from three different decks and a supporting guided meditation. This morning, I awoke to my Hibiscus humbly glowing with it’s first bloom in over a year!"


"Finally managed to catch the full moon replay and it was beautiful! So much resonated and it was almost a relief to hear that it is a time of unfinished business as this has been a very strong pull for me. I could sit back but no, too much to give, so much to still share, so onwards.
Just wanted to also share that my promise to myself is more laughter! The pleasure card and the words laugh, laugh til it hurts came through strong. Looking forward to this already as it has been missing, but boy when it does I really do feel magical! thank you so much" 


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