'Full Moon Activation Circle' Hosted By International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit

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The Moon Is A Loyal Companion

Full Moon Activation

In our sacred circle you are going to connect deeply to the power of self-love and worthiness every single month.  The Full Moon asks for you to embody all of your ideas and creations and when the moon is at its fullest, this is the most powerful time of the month!

The inner Goddess ... the divine feminine, is in unity with the moon cycles every single month and on the Full Moon, the divine feminine is heightened and abundantly aware of her purpose, essence and passions.  

Join us in sacred circle honoring the natural cycles the moon energy surges into your mind, body and Soul.


With ...
International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit 

Do you feel the powerful surging shifts the moon provides in your life? Do you feel the pulling, tugging and magnetic energy the moon offers to you? Do you feel drawn to the Full Moon and New Moon activations and releases? I know I do!

Are you ready to listen to the calling the Full Moon has been asking of you? I know I am!

You are invited to join me and other 'Moon Seekers' to gather together in celebration, activation and magic each month honoring the Full Moon guidance.

“We all shine on...like the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...come on and on and on...”
― john lennon


Full Moon Activation Circle

Join International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit for an online Full Moon Activation circle.

Kelly will be connecting powerfully to the magic the Full Moon has to offer.

The activation circle will be held in ZOOM. If you are able to attend LIVE with me, this is where I will be able to connect to you directly and interact with you personally through engaging questions and focus on how it is you are feeling during our time with one another. There is so much beautiful energy and connection that takes place during the experience of a LIVE event.

If timezone or scheduling is an issue to attend live, there will be a replay available for you sent directly to your inbox.


Harness The Power Of The Full Moon

Mystics, seekers, healers, light workers, space holders, guides, energy workers, light beings, empaths and visionaries all dream in unity during the Full Moon energy. This can last from 4 days prior to even 4 days after the Full Moon.  When you harness the power of the Full Moon you are able to amplify your dreams, desires, and wishes and you can draw into your life what you need most.  When you are able to fully harness the power of the Full Moon you will feel in greater alignment with source, your Soul and your Spiritual team.


Gateways And Doors

During the circle you will tap into your ability to step through the gateways from the physical realm into cosmic source and open the energetic doors that need to be opened during the Full Moon.  You will astral travel to places that will activate your Soul energy and further align all that your Soul desires to bring forth into your human existence.

We will unite through guided meditation where our human self makes room for the power of the Soul to come forward and for the magic of the Full Moon to pulsate and expand your Soul's essence.

Specific Moon Activation Oracle Cards Will Be Used To Create A Spread Of Messages To Further Activate, Harness And Enhance All The Full Moon Has To Offer


Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards

This deck will be used to call upon the Wise Ones to bring down the Sacred Destiny that awaits your dreams, desires, mission and purpose.


Queen Of The Moon Oracle Cards

This deck will be used to call upon the balancing energy of the Full Moon and all that is asking to be harnessed, balanced and harmonized.


Moonology Oracle Cards

This deck will be used to bring forth the compartment, focus and areas of our lives that needs more energy, wisdom and work.


Protected Circle

Protection, grounding, unity, sacred space are all a foucs in the monthly Moon Activation Circle.  Spirit has called upon the sacred keepers of strength, light, power, grounding, deepening, activation and magic for us.  This is a safe space where we will gather and invoke the magic of the Full Moon energy and raise our vibration to the next level ... Imagine the power you will harness and activate from the Full Moon.

Moon Activation Circle

$25 Held In ZOOM link is provided after registration and payment replay recording will be available. 
***Payment Is Non-Refundable

Social Media ...

If you share this event on your social media both before and after and are willing to share your experience and how this circle helped to activate you and ......

you tag me in your posts. I would be eternally grateful to you! I believe in my whole heart each month will be magical and our ciricle will grow and blossom thanks to you and your full support. You can tag me on Instagram @kellybenoitintuitive or on my Facebook Business page Kelly Benoit International Medium And Intuitive Page or in my Private Facebook Group Ignite Your Intuition (if you are already a member)

To express my deepest gratitude to you for your sharing and tagging me, I will send to you directly to your inbox your very own personalized mini Full Moon Message just for you!


What People Are Saying About The Full Moon Activation Circle

"What a great full moon activation circle. Felt lighter immediately annnnd had the most restful sleep in ages. Thank you so very Much Kelly for a wonderful evening it was truly magical. I highly suggest it to anyone who is able to join the next one. Love & gratitude"


"I just finished participating in the Full Moon Activation Circle and it was magical!! If you are interested in energy, Spirit, intuition and learning how to receive the messages that will help guide you in every aspect of your life, Kelly's monthly Full Moon Activation Circles are a must! Thank you so much, Kelly, for this circle"


"The full moon was at its height last night. I participated in my first Full Moon Activation Circle. It was an online gathering and consisted of readings and interpretations of cards drawn from three different decks and a supporting guided meditation. This morning, I awoke to my Hibiscus humbly glowing with it’s first bloom in over a year!"


"Finally managed to catch the full moon replay and it was beautiful! So much resonated and it was almost a relief to hear that it is a time of unfinished business as this has been a very strong pull for me. I could sit back but no, too much to give, so much to still share, so onwards.
Just wanted to also share that my promise to myself is more laughter! The pleasure card and the words laugh, laugh til it hurts came through strong. Looking forward to this already as it has been missing, but boy when it does I really do feel magical! thank you so much" 


Continued Support

I would love the opportunity to continue to work with you and inspire you to live the greatest life you have dreamed of. I would like to offer you daily support in my private and incredible facebook community 'Ignite Your Intuition'. This is a sacred place where I am interacting with you on a daily basis and offering messages and guidance from spirit to help you along the way. My intention is to remind you to Love Yourself Whole while honoring yourself and preventing the feeling of overwhelm or burnout. Join fellow spirtual seekers in our community where you will feel safe, supported, nurtured and held tenderly. FREE events, guided meditations, oracle card readings and LIVE circles are all offered in Ignite

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Full Moon Activation Circle

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