'Sacred Circle' Hosted By International Medium & Intuitive Kelly Benoit

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A once a month online Sacred Circle that will leave you feeling deeply connected to yourself, your lifetime dreams and desires, to your loved ones, to spirit and to your Soul essence.

Sacred Circle

Remember the importance of self-love, self-worth, self-care and self-nourishment! As we gather in circle once a month we remind ourselves deeply that being a light worker, a healer, a creator, an empath and a visionary all require time for releasing, replenishing and mending.  Take a peak at what one of our monthly circles feels like. Want to join us?


You Are Fully Supported

Beautiful Soul, will you lean into support, healing, wisodm, tenderness and peace in our Sacred Circle?

Spirit and I have created a monthly circle of love, support, connection, wisdom, empowerment and unity just for you!

As you look to deepen into your natural gift of intuition it is so very important that you feel supported, encouraged and honored while on your path.  Spirit and I are here to assist, guide and inspire you to never give up and to listen intently to all that spirit has to share with you.


Spiritual Mentorship 

Within our online Sacred Circle, spirit and I will provide you with guidance, wisdom and assistance.  Receive powerful messages from spirit, your loved ones and your Soul.  During our time in circle spirit will also be bringing forth specific themes and topics intuitively set with the intention to guide you further on your life path.  Those who attend LIVE will be called upon for messages and oracle card readings and will interact with me every step of the way.


Guided Meditation

Every Sacred Circle will include a powerful guided meditation to awaken, inspire, mend, soften and lead you forward on your path creating deeper connection to self and to spirit.  The meditation is always intuitively channeled based on the energy of the circle and my intention is for you to feel as if we are sitting together one on one connected through our hearts.  Inclusiveness and unity are of utmost importance in our Sacred Circle.


Oracle Cards

Spirit and I will also be bringing forth Oracle Card messages and readings during our time with one another.  There is so much wisdom and power in the Oracle Cards that I LOVE sharing this vibration with you.  


Use Your Intuition Photo Collage

Spirit and I create incredibly powerful 'Use Your Intuition' collages designed to help you connect to your higher self and to spirit with ease and grace.  You will be sent a photo collage along with the link to our circle for you to review and to allow your Soul to tune into the one photo that you feel the most drawn to.  The messages of the photos will be revealed during our time in circle and I cannot wait to share with you all that spirit has brought forth to you. Practice, practice, practice!


Sacred Space

The online platform for our Sacred Circles will be held in ZOOM.

ZOOM is just like skype and very easy to use. 

I would like to personally invite you to attend LIVE with me as this is where I will be able to connect with you deeply and engage with you by answering your questions and offering oracle card readings and messages from spirit directly to you.  There is so much beautiful energy that swirls during a LIVE event.  

If you are unable to attend LIVE due to timezone or scheduling a video replay will be available.  

Online Sacred Circle $25 

Date Is Provided In Promotional Post As It Will Change Each Month.
*** Payment is non-refundable

Social Media ...

If you share this event on your social media both before and after and are willing to share your experience and how this circle helped to replennish and restore your energy and ......

you tag me in your posts. I would be eternally grateful to you! I believe in my whole heart each month will be magical and our ciricle will grow and blossom thanks to you and your full support. You can tag me on Instagram @kellybenoitintuitive or on my Facebook Business page Kelly Benoit International Medium And Intuitive Page or in my Private Facebook Group Ignite Your Intuition (if you are already a member)

To express my deepest gratitude to you for your sharing and tagging me, I will send to you directly to your inbox your very own personalized mini Sacred Circle Message just for you!


What People Are Saying About 'Sacred Circle' And How They Felt After 

"Kelly that was beyond amazing !!! I loved every single second. I’m so grateful to Spirit for connecting our energies so deeply. I truly feel as though you are a gift from God."


"Thank you Kelly for an amazing morning in the Sacred Circle. It feels amazing to be able to open up in a safe space with others and receive messages of love and guidance. It’s been a couple years since I first met you, and each reading you give, each sacred space you give us, makes me feel more sure of myself, more at peace and more excited to be who I am! Thank you for this morning, can’t recommend it enough!!!"


"I just finished watching the replay of Kelly's Sacred Circle and I’m reminded of how important it is to be open to receiving, clearing my energy field, and giving back to myself.

Since I started my healing and mentoring business I have wanted to make myself available to anyone that needs help. It is my strongest desire to heal others who have been hurt and to help them find their inner light.
Through this work I tend to forget to open myself up to receive from others. I tend to forget to give back to myself in the way I am so ready to give to others.

I’ve decided that it’s now time for me to stop making excuses, because they always so easily come.

I am choosing to show up for myself every month by joining Kelly’s Sacred Circle. I am choosing to give back to myself in the way that I do easily give to others.  Thank you Kelly for all that you do." 


"I Managed to watch the Sacred Circle replay last night which was so beautiful and so needed. Burnout and exhaustion such a huge topic and one that resonates deeply for me and others. I felt more towards ‘space holder’ and the remedy was absolutely bang on! Over the last few months, I have absolutely been adding things that I do just for me on the calendar and it’s been magical. Thank you Kelly for your offering"


Continued Support

I would love the opportunity to continue to work with you and inspire you to live the greatest life you have dreamed of. I would like to offer you daily support in my private and incredible facebook community 'Ignite Your Intuition'. This is a sacred place where I am interacting with you on a daily basis and offering messages and guidance from spirit to help you along the way. My intention is to remind you to Love Yourself Whole while honoring yourself and preventing the feeling of overwhelm or burnout. Join fellow spirtual seekers in our community where you will feel safe, supported nurtured and held tenderly. FREE events, guided meditations, oracle card readings and LIVE circles are all offered in Ignite

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