'The marble not yet carved can hold the form of thought every great artist has'
- Michelangelo


I See You !

I see your life path leads you towards a powerful desire to inspire others! YOU are a *changemaker*.  My purpose is to intuitively and precisely illustrate your life path providing you with a clear vision of how to inspire others.

I see you are receiving spiritual downloads of intuition.  I see how you are able to form an idea into reality with the intention to lead and inspire. YOU want to make a difference. My purpose is to intuitively and precisely channel spiritual downloads to deepen your natural gift of intuition.

I see your intention is to create a ripple affect of possibility and potential and now more than ever YOU and YOUR work is needed. YOU are being called to rise at this time. My purpose is to intuitively and precisely illuminate the ripple affect you have.

I see you are a creative being and your work is based upon your spiritual downloads. YOU are so very in tune with spirit. My purpose is to intuitively and precisely define your creative spiritual downloads into grounded possibilities.

I see you want to know yourself well so that you can channel your most authentic self into your work. YOU are so worthy of your authenticity shining through. My purpose is to intuitively and precisely connect you to your authentic self and live in true worthiness and abundance.

I see you!

The universe is ready for you. Spirit is guiding you. Your work is needed ... are YOU ready to let yourself leap and soar?

If you have said YES YES YES and more YES, a Soul Session is perfect for you. 

'My Soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through earth's loveliness'
- Michelangelo


Soul Session $200 

This is a powerful intuitive, astrological and spiritually guided 60 minute session.

Your session is complete with (1) guided journey designed to activate your 'gift of clarity' prior to your session, a detailed written soul blueprint, a zoom video recording or telephone audio recording and (2) channeled guided meditations after your session designed to connect you deeply to your life purpose.

Your session will illuminate astrologically who you are.
Your session will amplify who you were born to be.
Your session will inspire you to shine in bigger ways.
Your session will connect you deeply to your purpose and calling.
Your session will heighten your intuition.
Your session will ground your creative ideas.
Your session will illustrate how you are being called upon by spirit.
Your session will detail how to activate your purpose for the masses.
Your session will create boundaries to better protect your energy.
Your session will invoke balance and harmony.
Your session will describe and showcase your authentic self.
Your session will whisper the downloads of your Soul with clarity.

The Soul session is a unique in-depth spiritual and astrological exploration of who you truly are in this world and how you are being called to inspire, to serve and to master your authentic self.

Please complete the online Soul session questionnaire upon booking.

The Soul Session is a $200 investment in your Soul's calling (all taxes included)

'Your gifts lie in the place where your values, passions and strengths meet.
Discovering that place is the first step toward sculpting your masterpiece ... your life' 
- Michelangelo

'Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it' 
- Michelangelo


The Love Letter $175

This is a powerful and inspiring 60 minute session connecting you to a specific loved one who has crossed over.  

Your session is complete with a detailed channeled written Love Letter from your specific loved one, a zoom video recording or telephone audio recording and (1) soothing guided meditation designed to connect you to your loved one after your session

You will direct me to your loved one by providing me with their name and the relationship between the two of you. Their name acts as an energetic *directory* for me to connect with.  This allows me to accurately connect to their Soul energy and channel their specific messages to you.

Your Love Letter is intended to bring forth messages of peace, connection, wisdom and understanding of your life based upon the guidance of your loved one.

What questions do you have regarding your life you wish for your loved one to guide you on? There may be areas that feel unclear and your own intution is misleading you.  Your loved one sees from their heavenly realm with great clarity and wisdom.  Allow your loved one to guide you forward in your career, your relationships, your health and wellness etc.

Ask your burning questions and allow their messages to guide you forward on your life path with greater ease and joy.

Your loved one is not only your guardian angel but also your cheerleader behind the angelic scenes of your life!

The Love Letter session is a $175 investment in creating a powerful connection to your loved one (all taxes included)

*WATCH The Origin Of The Love Letter Video 

The Origin Of The Love Letter

WATCH this powerful video as I speak of the origin of The Love Letter.

Discover how my grandfather stepped forward when I was 18 years old from the other side and gifted me my ability to *channel and use the accuracy of *automatic-writing to create beautiful Love Letter blueprints for my sessions.

"Astrology Allows the sky to speak to you" 
- Unknown

"It was written in the stars"


Soul Guidance $200

This 60 minute session is an awakening and beautiful conversation with your Soul.  Ask your Soul your burning questions and receive messages of guidance, wisdom and insight.

Your session is complete with (1) guided journey designed to 'clear your energy through your chakra system' and release your mind, body and soul of stress prior to your session, a detailed written soul blueprint, a zoom video recording or telephone audio recording  (2) channeled guided meditations after your session designed to help you 'step into your light' so  you can make decisions and choices in your life based on your *knowing and intuition. PLUS ..... my  FREE Unleash Your Greatest Potential Toolkit - Top 5 Keys To Success - This powerful toolkit  will help you face your fears and unlock your sacred tools to help you design and build the life you have always been dreaming of.

Your session will look into your health and wellness. 
Your session will look into your career. 
Your session will look into your love and romance. 
Your session will look into the crossroads you are facing.
Your session will help you to feel more grounded in your life. 
Your session will ignite your gift of intuition.
Your session will inspire you to move from the impossible to possible.
Your session will release you from limitations. 
Your session will create an energetic vision board of your life path. 
Your session will invoke your courage and strength. 
Your session will connect you to yourself powerfully.
Your session will whisper the downloads of your Soul with clarity.
Your session will answer your burning questions you have for spirit.

The Soul Guidance session is designed to help you hear the gentle whispers of your Soul in specific compartments of your life with ease and grace. No longer will you feel like you are floundering. When your Soul speaks to you, you will receive a powerful shift.

Please complete the online Soul Guidance session questionnaire upon booking.

The Soul Guidance Session is a $200 investment in your Soul's calling (all taxes included)


'A Conversation With Spirit' Podcast

Downloads of wisdom are constantly being sent to me from spirit for all kinds of incredible activations and energy.  I decided it was time to create 'A Conversation With Spirit' Podcast to open your essence up to all that is possible! Each podcast episode is channeled directly from spirit, your loved ones, the angels, guides, master teachers and light workers.  Each episode is set with the intention to awaken you to love, light, empowerment, wisdom and potential.  Some of the episodes include: Where Is Heaven? Souls Having A Human Experience, Soul Gold and so much more! Click the button to listen to the episodes

"Imagination And Creativity Can Change The World "
- Unknown


Kelly Benoit

I was born with a natural ability to clearly hear the whispers from  spirit. From the time I was a young girl I have always felt a powerful and natural connection to my Soul, to spirit, to the universe, to my life purpose and to my loved ones who have crossed over. I have a unique ability to channel these whispers into the written word in great detail and accuracy. I have dedicated my life to listening to the whispers of my Soul and have spent over 24 years sharing these powerful and  vital whispers.   I have facilitated thousands of healing circles, private sessions, events and offerings all with the intention to create a powerful shift in the world.  We are all tiny lights in the world and together we can and will make a powerful difference. I see YOU and my desire is to help YOU shine even brighter so that YOUR work can make a powerful difference in the world!

"You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while"
- Eckhart Tolle

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I am deeply blessed to have been witnessed to thousands of personal transformations globally and to see so many people step fully into their purpose and life mission authentically and powerfully.

"Kelly is so warm, kind and insightful and creates such an incredibly safe, light-filled space to gain important insights for transformation and empowerment. I am so grateful for my reading with Kelly. I was deeply moved and inspired by our time together. What a beautiful experience for me. Thank you Kelly for your care, trust and mastery."


"Thank you so much Kelly - I am so grateful you have the courage to use your gifts. I feel so confident in my path and a deeper understanding who I am and why I am here!"


"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and love how you work, everything is laid out and explained beautifully. You truly have a wonderful gift. I came out feeling like a million dollars and felt I had visited a life long friend"


"Thank you so much for the reading - it provided comfort and confirmation. You are gracious, kind and have a lovely soothing energy about you. I really enjoyed connecting with you"


"Thank you for a beautiful reading. I am filled with joy to have connected with my mother and that you shared her messages with me. You are an absolutely wonderful being." 


"Thank you again so much for your time and energy. It has meant so much to me. The phrase that comes into my mind is, 'I like myself again, and find myself interesting again.' Your reading has renewed faith, trust, and interest in myself. I LOVE that it was my nana who came through with a message, too! Thank you."


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