How To Prepare For The Mother's Self-Love Method™

It is time to celebrate that YOU beautiful Mama, are gifting yourself time for transformational healing and wellness.
  Please read over this guide for how to best prepare for your session with me.

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"A  Mother  Should Honor And Love Herself Each Day"


Create Sacred Space

During our time together you will be experiencing powerful transformational healing.  

It is important for The Mother's Self-Love Method™ you find a quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed. This could be your bedroom, living room, office etc.

Within this quiet space you are invited to have a warm blanket, light some candles, close your curtains and wear comfortable clothing.

You can also choose if you desire, to lay on your bed or sit in a chair during The Mother's Self-Love Method™

Remember, YOU are creating sacred space within your own environment!

You will be able to create greater self-love, balance and spark joy in your life more easily after you create a place in your home that invites you to feel relaxed and calm.

"A Mother's Love Knows No Limit"


Have A Journal Handy

The Mother's Self-Love Method™ is filled with transformational healing that will arise within you.

Although your session will be video recorded, it is also a great idea to have a journal and pen handy.  This will allow you to write down any feelings, sensations, healing and impressions YOU received from The Mother's Self-Love Method™ that are fresh in your mind.

"A Mother's Hug Lasts Long After She Lets Go"


Believe In Your Own Power To Self Heal

During The Mother's Self-Love Method™ in a meditative state 
we will incorporate self Reiki.  

This allows you to invoke your own ability to self heal.  Your hands are powerful tools filled with self healing and goodness!  All you have to do is BELIEVE in your own power to self heal and your body will thrive with health and wellness.

I will guide you to the areas in your body in most need of healing.

Together, we will transform your fatigued energy and body into a powerhouse filled with self-love, balance and joy.

"Mother - This Is The Bank We Deposit All Of Our Hurts And Worries"



During The Mother's Self-Love Method™ the intention is to have you RELAX so that you can receive the power of transformational healing.

Remember, you are desiring to have greater self-love, balance and joy in your life.

It's okay if you are not able to meditate in vivid color!
It's okay if your mind wanders!

Healing is a process, creating balance, peace and joy IS a life long commitment.

Just relax as much as possible. You always have your recorded The Mother's Self-Love Method™ video to watch time and time again and receive additional healing.

"A Mother Knows Best"

Mini Transformational Healing Guided Meditation 

If you have not yet had a chance to listen to the mini Transformational Healing Guided Meditation......  This complimentary meditation is the first step in offering yourself greater self-love, balance and joy.


To all the Mama's who have invited me into their hearts ... I am deeply grateful!

"Kelly is so warm, kind and insightful and creates such an incredibly safe, light-filled space to gain important insights for transformation and empowerment. I am so grateful for my session with Kelly. I was deeply moved and inspired by our time together. What a beautiful experience for me. Thank you Kelly for your care, trust and mastery."


"Thank you so much Kelly - I am so grateful you have the courage to use your gift of empathy and compassion. I feel so confident in my path and a deeper understanding who I am and why I am here!"


"I thoroughly enjoyed our session and love how you hold space.  You truly have a wonderful gift. I came out of our session feeling like a million dollars and felt I had visited a life long friend"


"Thank you so much for the session Kelly - it provided comfort and confirmation. You are gracious, kind and have a lovely soothing energy about you. I really enjoyed connecting with you"


"Thank you for a beautiful session. I am filled with joy!   You are an absolutely wonderful being." 


"Thank you again so much for your time and energy. It has meant so much to me. The phrase that comes into my mind is, 'I like myself again!  Our session has renewed faith, trust, and interest in myself. Thank you."


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