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Kelly Benoit


'Your gifts lie in the place where your values, passions and strengths meet.
Discovering that place is the first step toward sculpting your masterpiece ... your life' 
- Michelangelo


The More

As you can see, not only am I a Life Architect, I am also gifted with intuition.  In essence, this is how I hear your inner voice.

We are multifaceted humans and just like you, I too have many talents, abilities and gifts.  This is the ... more of who I am.

In helping you design the life you have been dreaming of, I want you to know that you do not have to limit yourself to just ONE idea, creation or life dream. You can have multiple ideas, aspects and parts of yourself you wish to bring forward into your life.  This is exactly what I have done in my own life.

I created a solid plan for myself and designed my life to be multifaceted and filled with personal and professional joy. I have been able to ground what I am truly good and gifted at and then harness these abilities into several offerings and ideas.

The truth is .... I am a communcator, a problem solver, a truth seeker, a clear and grounded woman who listens well and I have a unique ability to help others find their very own gifts, talents and ideas through my openness to intuition and listening well in my life.

You CAN ... have it all!

I invite you into the more of who I am.  I ask that you not see me as strictly an intuitive, but that you see me for the various ways in which I can help you.

Kelly Benoit

Have you heard the calling of your Soul?  Have you 'listened' to the calling of your Soul?  As a fourth generation Medium & Intuitive I have lived my life deeply intune with the power and creative force of aligning with my Soul essence. 

In fact, I believe we are Souls having a human experience! If you have been desiring a life that is truly grounded and in alignment with your ideas, innovations, dreams and desires, you are in the right place.

I am here to offer you deep and powerful connection to your Soul, your life purpose and how it is you can bring all of your ideas into fruition without any doubt or fear.


'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free'
- Michelangelo

Online Private Readings

When I connect to you online and in the privacy of our sacred space, this is a time for us to connect deeply and powerfully.  I share with you messages from spirit filled with support, encouragement, love, wisdom and grace. I honor you! I see you! I unite with your heart and your higher self to bring forth divine messages of deep connection, awakening and inspiration.


Featured In 

I always dreamed of being on stage and on television ever since I was a young child. In fact, I sang Whitney Houston's 'All At Once' almost daily on my balcony imagining I was Whitney!  I have been blessed to have been featured in The Toronto Star, The Globe And Mail, DOG NEWS New York, Messages From Above And Beyond, BIG 101fm radio as well as "Voices That Create Change" podcast with Julie Cusmariu.  With over 24 years of experiences I am proud to say my readings and work have spanned the globe. Dreams really do come true!

'My Soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through earth's loveliness'
- Michelangelo


The Creative Spirit  

Just like you, I too am a creative spirit.  I have spent my entire lifetime receiving magical downloads from spirit on how to creatively connect to my clients.  Being able to receive these downloads and bring them forward into tangible ways that are in true alignment with my worthiness has been the source of abundance in my life.

How do you harness your creative energy and tether this deeply to your Soul's calling without feeling disconnected to yourself or your worthiness?  Are you able to create freely in this world remaining deeply grounded into your innate inner knowing or do you need guidance and wisdom on how you can fully harness all that you are without feeling scattered or unable to see clearly the path before you?

The 'creator' is one who holds the ability to receive downloads from spirit in artistic and unique ways.  The 'creator' is in true alignment when boundaries, worthiness, grounding, freedom to create and truly being 'witnessed' are all accessed and applied in your daily life.

Would you like to harness and fully embody all of your downloads and put them into practical use that is divinely magical to YOU and in alignment with the calling of your Soul?

If you answered yes, I am so excited to read for you! 

'The marble not yet carved can hold the form of thought every great artist has'
- Michelangelo


The 'Soul Profile' $399

When I fully listened to the calling of my Soul, I understood that we all have a unique Soul profile! Very much like our fingerprints on our human body, our Soul is divinely imprinted into our human self. When I learned how to bridge this union through worthiness, grounding, trust, intention, grace and dedication I felt such powerful alignment mind, body and Soul. Here is how I can help connect you deeply to the unique imprint of your Soul profile.

The 'Soul Profile' deeply connects you to your artistic and creative aspects allowing you to clearly see how it is you can receive spiritual downloads and apply and embody them into your life piece by piece. This reading is based on looking into the 'year ahead' and intuitively aligning you month by month with your Soul's calling so that you can fulfill your life purpose with grounded energy and focus. It is vital for the creative Soul to be visible, seen and witnessed by the outside and what better way to connect to yourself than by looking inwards so that you never lose sight of how incredible you are!

Always remember the creative Soul flourishes when you know how to set clear boundaries, harness and reign in your dreams, desires and inspirations into practical and tangible ways so that you do not feel scattered, ungrounded or out of alignment.

The 'Soul Profile' includes a written detailed one year energetic blueprint month by month connecting you clearly to: Your Life Purpose, The Limitations That Face You, Setting Proper Boundaries Based On YOUR Unique Energy, Grounding Yourself To Avoid Responding To Expectation Versus Alignment, How To Reclaim The Power Of Self-Love And Worthiness, How to Be Authentic and How To Deeply Hear the Guidance Of Your Soul. Spirit will provide channeled messages for each month along with a monthly theme for you to lean into. You will clearly see where it is your personal energy is calling you towards so that you can ground yourself and work softer not harder.

The 'Soul Profile' includes your one year detailed 15 pages or more written energetic blueprint and a one hour recorded zoom call.

BONUS ... You will also receive a PERSONALIZED recorded guided journey based on your profile to help you visualize all that you are!

Option 1: $399 for the year no additional support

Option 2: $720 for the year with x4 30 minute zoom support calls every three months during your year. (3,6,9,12) Payable in full $720 OR $399 in full plus $80 per 30 minute zoom call paid 24hrs prior to your scheduled check-in. 


The 'Love Letter' Reading $150

My grandfather who passed before I was born came to me when I was a young girl.  His Soul sat patiently in the background of my life until I was ready and able to hear all that he was waiting to share with me.  He wrote my father two full pages of a Love Letter that I channeled into the written word and tears streamed down my cheeks. My grandfather's Soul gifted me with my ability of automatic writing. Since that day, I have not stopped writing messages from spirit. I am blessed to share beautiful messages from your loved ones through written words in my unique 'Love Letter' reading. This is a mediumship style reading connecting you deeply to your loved ones in the format of a written channeled Love Letter.

Your loved ones are standing with you at your side and they are truly your biggest cheerleaders.  One of the best ways to reconnect and to mend your grief is to receive a Love Letter from their Soul to yours.  They offer words of comfort, reassurance, wisdom, healing and peace in their Love Letter to you.  

The Love Letter reading is 60 minutes recorded on line via telephone, or zoom complete with a channeled written 'Love Letter' energetic blueprint.

In addition to this reading, you may be interested in my online self led 'Talking To Heaven' program. This program is $111 and is set with the intention to connect you deeply to your loved ones, how to best communicate with them and feel their presence in your life.  There are powerful guided meditations, video tutorials and specific techniques to heighen your conenction to your loved ones and receive the daily messages in which they share with you.  COMING SOON!

Click the ONLINE PROGRAMS TAB to learn more.


The 'Discover Your Destiny' Reading $140

What fuels your Soul? What lights you up each day? What is it you feel you were born and destined to do in this world? If you have been walking on your path feeling like you are unsure of your life purpose and mission or want to be clear of your life purpose and mission ... THIS is the reading for you!

Are you seeking deeper meaning in your life and wish to connect to what you were meant to do in this world?  Do you know this does NOT have to translate into a career.  That is a myth and causes so many of us to feel that unless we are making an income with our purpose, we are not fulfilling our Soul's true destiny.  That is not true at all.

During this reading, spirit will guide you deeply into what your purpose is, your mission statement, your greatest knowing of how to properly access your dreams, desires and wishes and create the life you have been dreaming of.  You will also have access to your limitations and oppossing energies that have blocked your fullest potential and purpose and to use these limitations as super powers and not blockages.

No longer will you feel like you are floundering, but you will feel like you are thriving!

This reading is online through telephone or zoom, is 60 minutes recorded and is complete with a written energetic blueprint of channeled messages.

In addition to this reading, you may also be interested in my online self led 'Discover Your Destiny' program that is $111 and helps you further onlock your greatest potential and align with your purpose in BIGGER ways.  The program is complete with guided meditations, an electronic PDF workbook and SO MUCH information for you to lean into while you are discovering your destiny.

Click the ONLINE PROGRAMS tab to learn more.


The 'Soul To Soul' Conversation Reading $125

Your Soul speaks to me!  As I sit quietly and prepare your energetic blueprint it is your Soul that clairaudiently offers me insight and wisdom into your life. All of which I channel for you into the written word.

Curious as to what spirit has to say about your life and the direction in which you are heading?  Looking to tune into the calling of your Soul for greater guidance and clairty in your life? The 'Soul To Soul' Conversation Reading is based on the Intuitive energy that looks at your life in an overview. Common areas of discussion are career, health and wellness, relationships, new opportunities and general lifestyle.  

The 'Soul To Soul' Conversation will answer your burning questions and help you feel a deep connection to yourself, your path and to spirit.

The 'Soul To Soul' Conversation Reading is 60 minutes recorded on line via telephone or zoom complete with a channeled written 'Soul To Soul' energetic blueprint.

In addition to this reading, you may be interested in my online self led 30 Day Ignite Your Intuition Program.  This program is $111 and will assist you in connecting deeply to your knowing and further developing your natural gift of intuition. This program includes 30 days of guided meditations, 30 days of video turotials, 30 days of daily intention settings.

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The 'Amplify Your Magic' Reading $120

The moon guides our Soul through each of her phases and cycles.  The creative Soul lives more fully to your purpose, passion and destiny when you unite with the moon and her wisdom into your life.

There are (8) powerful moon phases each month that shape and form your life, your creativity, your wellness and your knowing.

There are specific times within each month when we are meant to shine and share our offerings, times when we need to reflect upon all we have endured, times when we need to soften our energy, times when we need to dream in vivid color and times when we are asked to plant the seeds of what we want to create, shift and unfold.

The moon eases us each month into our knowing and expands intuition with power, intensity and clarity the more you sink into the moon and her phases.

The 'Amplify Your Magic' reading is online 60 minutes recorded via zoom or telephone and is a POWERFUL time for you to connect to your knowing, your life path, the direction in where you are headed, timing and alignment for your dreams and desires, how to communicate, the plan you must take and the energy required to guide you.

You will receive a detailed written energetic blueprint of how the moon is guiding you and how to best move forward on your life path in order to amplify your message, your content, your creations, your relationships, your health and wellness.

In addition to this reading, you may be interested in my online self led 'Manifesting With The Moon' program.  This program is designed to teach you about the (8) moon phases and is complete with guided meditations, daily intentions, a moon phase calendar for 2020 and so much more!

Click the ONLINE PROGRAMS tab to learn more.

Full Moon Wisdom

As a moon seeker I am guided by the moon every single day.  I LOVE leaning into the wisdom the moon has to offer to us.  Here is an example of how POWERFUL the wisdom is that flows from grandmother moon. Take a peak!


The 'Animal Companion' Reading $100

I have always been able to Speak 'Woof' ever since I was a young child.  I LOVED animals especially dogs and practically slept in my neighbors backyard with her German Shepherd Tandy.  I could feel her love and her loyalty and every day that I visited with Tandy, I felt deeply connected to myself and to her Soul.  I will never forget her!

This is my little Butterfly.  We are besties and she lives in our home offering deep healing love and tenderness to not only our family but to everyone who comes to our home.  She lays at my feet each day while I creatively work in my office and after every reading I do, she feels she is to receive a treat for 'holding space' for my clients. She is very sure of herself and wants nothing more than to make sure 'everyone is okay'. She has a heart of gold!

Do you believe that animals communicate with us? I am blessed to have been a 'channeler' to hundreds of animal communications throughout my career. If you are curious as to what your companion is thinking and feeling, whether they are alive or crossed over, animal readings are a powerful way to connect you to your furry companion. 

The 'Animal Companion' reading is offered on line based on photographs of your companion you will send to me by email.  A written channeled 'Animal Companion' energetic blueprint is offered to you and sent via email.  

Working With Me In Private Online Readings Is A Powerful, Empowering, Motivational, Supportive, Inspiring And Uplifting Time With One Another 


'A Conversation With Spirit' Podcast

Downloads of wisdom are constantly being sent to me from spirit for all kinds of incredible activations and energy.  I decided it was time to create 'A Conversation With Spirit' Podcast to open your essence up to all that is possible! Each podcast episode is channeled directly from spirit, your loved ones, the angels, guides, master teachers and light workers.  Each episode is set with the intention to awaken you to love, light, empowerment, wisdom and potential.  Some of the episodes include: Where Is Heaven? Souls Having A Human Experience, Soul Gold and so much more! Click the button to listen to the episodes

Signature On Line Programs


On Line Programs

During the year, there are several on line programs that are co-created with spirit .... just for you! Personal development, spiritual development, intuition development and self-empowerment aspects are all a focus for each on line program that is created.

The on line programs are self-led and used at your own convenience and time.  They are yours for a lifetime and meant to be visited time and time again! My current on line programs are Ignite Your Intuition 30 Day Program and Goddess Medicine Program. Coming in 2020 Talking To Heaven, The Sensitive Soul, Manifesting With The Moon and Discover Your Destiny Signature Program.

 Online Programs


30 Day Ignite Your Intuition Program $111

The 30 day Ignite Your Intuition Program is filled with 30 days of wisdom connecting you deeply to your natural gift of intuition. Included in the program are 30 days of videos, 30 days of guided meditations, 30 days of intention setting! This program is INCREDIBLE if you are looking at developing your intuitive abilities. There is NO start date. It is self-led and used at your own pace and time. This program also invites you to join my private Facebook Group Ignite Your Intuition for further support and wisdom from spirit.


Goddess Medicine Program $111

The Goddess Medicine Program is filled with wisdom connecting you deeply to the divine sacred feminine part of who you are.  The Inner Goddess flourishes when you set her free to lead you on your life path in worthiness, love, light and wisdom. This program includes 6 Goddess Archetypes including the Awakened Goddess, The Enchantress, The Warrior Goddess and more.  6 themed Goddess videos, 6 Goddess themed guided meditations, 6 Goddess Podcast episodes and a 50 page PDF booklet to guide you on the path to deeper connection.


Talking To Heaven Program $111

The Talking To Heaven Program is filled with peace, love, light, healing, illumination, wisdom and connection between yourself and your loved ones.  Mending after the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges life has to offer.  Knowing that your loved ones are with you in the background of your life cheering you on and standing with you will help you to ease the pain of their loss.  


Manifesting With The Moon Program $111

Fellow Moon Seeker I know how deeply connected you are to the Moon and all of her incredible phases.  I have created a M A G I C A L program that will guide you step by step through each of the (8) Moon phases and link your personal energy to all the Moon is asking of you week by week.  Explore the (8) phases: The New Moon, The Waxing Crescent Moon, The First Quarter Moon, The Waxing Gibbous Moon, The Full Moon, The Waning Gibbous, The Third Quarter Moon and the Waning Crescent Moon.  Within this program there are (8) video tutorials, (8) guided meditations (8) Sacred Prayers Of Intention and a 16 Page electronic PDF online workbook.


The Sensitive Soul Program $111

The Sensitive Soul is YOU who feels others pain and holds deep empathic energy in your essence. Life can feel utterly harsh at times for a Sensitive Soul and this is why spirit has created this peaceful Sensitive Soul program just for you! Through this program you will learn to embrace your sensitive Soul and grant it power to lead you, versus hold you back in life. You will learn about boundaries and self-care and spiritual survival tools to help you navigate the world around you. Guided meditation, video tutorials and an electronic PDF workbook are all a part of this program.


Discover Your Destiny Program $111

What fuels your Soul? What lights you up each day? What is it you feel you were born and destined to do in this world? If you have been walking on your life path and feeling like you are unsure of your purpose, THIS is the program for you!!!  Together we will journey into the importance of remembering your natural calling and purpose here on earth and we will explore deeply what you are meant to be doing.  You will unlock your inner knowing and your greatest potential and you will rise to the surface your gifts and sacred medicines so that you can fully shine and share in the world around you.

'Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it' 
- Michelangelo

Messages From Above And Beyond Sizzler

I cannot tell you just how incredible this experience was for me to host Messages From Above And Beyond A Sugar C Media Production.

I was blessed to read 30 amazing guests and connect each of them deeply to their Soul and their loved ones through powerful messages.  Take a peak at the sizzler reel and see just how spirit came forward for some of the guests.


I was a featured guest on BIG 101.1fm morning show. Our segment was called 'Freaky Friday' and I was deeply humbled and grateful to have connected to Kris Bawdin and Melanie Martin and be their repeat guest.  Here is a peak at how spirit brought forth messages!

Book An Appointment

Please Fill In The Form In The Message Space To Let Me Know Which On Line Reading You Are Booking ....  The 'Soul Profile ' Reading, The 'Love Letter' Reading, The 'Soul To Soul Conversation' Reading, The Amplify Your Magic Reading, The 'Discover Your Destiny' Reading, The 'Animal Companion' Reading

How Others Have Felt After Working With Me

I am deeply blessed to have been witnessed to thousands of personal transformations globally and to see so many people step fully into their purpose and life mission authentically and powerfully.

"Kelly is so warm, kind and insightful and creates such an incredibly safe, light-filled space to gain important insights for transformation and empowerment. I am so grateful for my reading with Kelly. I was deeply moved and inspired by our time together. What a beautiful experience for me. Thank you Kelly for your care, trust and mastery."


"Thank you so much Kelly - I am so grateful you have the courage to use your gifts. I feel so confident in my path and a deeper understanding who I am and why I am here!"


"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and love how you work, everything is laid out and explained beautifully. You truly have a wonderful gift. I came out feeling like a million dollars and felt I had visited a life long friend"


"Thank you so much for the reading - it provided comfort and confirmation. You are gracious, kind and have a lovely soothing energy about you. I really enjoyed connecting with you"


"Thank you for a beautiful reading. I am filled with joy to have connected with my mother and that you shared her messages with me. You are an absolutely wonderful being." 


"Thank you again so much for your time and energy. It has meant so much to me. The phrase that comes into my mind is, 'I like myself again, and find myself interesting again.' Your reading has renewed faith, trust, and interest in myself. I LOVE that it was my nana who came through with a message, too! Thank you."


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