Complete This Questionnaire In Preparation For Your 1:1 Session with Kelly Benoit


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1 - What is it you are looking for in your life that you want to create, enhance or manifest?

2 - What area of your life do you wish to focus on? (health and wellness, finances, career, relationships etc)

3 - What limitations do you feel hold you back from creating the life you have been dreaming of?

4 - If fear or finances were not a factor, where do you see yourself heading on your life path?

5 - What is the timeframe you have in your mind for creating the life you have been dreaming of?

6 - What is your biggest fear?

7 - Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted most days?

8 - Do you feel like you are going in circles and not clear of the direction you are meant to face?

9 - What do you feel is your greatest challenge in life?

10 - What spiritual practice do you lean into for extra guidance in your life? (yoga, meditation, reiki healing, etc)

11 - What are the top 3 burning questions you would ask about your life?

12 - What is the most important thing you want to get out of this session?

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